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22 August 2010 @ 03:32 am
[Last week left a horrible taste in Scar's mouth. To think... him. Adviser to his brother. Surely the Great Kings of the Past were tormenting him! Such a disgusting though.... He would rather choke on a dung beetle then do anything even remotely like that. As for everything else... a shiver ran down his spine.  Whatever happened, he knew he couldn't have been the only one affected. However, that thought did little to sooth his distaste.

In an attempt to rid himself of such loathsome memories, the old lion is attempting to hunt. Perhaps concentrating on his next meal will help rid him of those... memories.]

[ooc: Feel free to encounter Scar on the edge of town or in the forest. Just minor warning, he's a very crabby lion.]
15 August 2010 @ 11:27 am
[The early morning hours reveal a familiar black maned lion wandering into town, minus the skitty that had been following him around. The little kitten had disappeared when the monsters disappeared. Admittedly, the older Lion was sad to see her go. The little creature had been quite the cheer-up for him and had reminded him of his own daughter whom he dearly missed.

Eventually he makes his way to the fountain for a drink, humming a song to himself and just appearing to be in a very good mood, despite the rain. To anyone who knows him, this may seem to be weird. He's never in a good mood. And if  anyone takes a closer look, they may notice he's filled out more, not as thin as he had been... and there's a noticeably missing scar. He also doesn't seem to mind being wet at the moment.

After drinking his fill. he stretches out  before moving towards a dryer spot to avoid the rain, preferably indoors or on a porch somewhere to relax. Everyone he comes across is greeted  pleasantly.]

[ooc:So here's an AU! Version of Scar where he was never resentful of his brother, was actually his advisor, never plotted to kill him and took Sarafina as his mate, making Nala his daughter. This... means Scar is nice, helpful and willing to give advice. This also means that he will be confused if someone calls him Scar or refers to him as King ^^;  As for his Luceti! Memories. He'll remember being nice and helpful to everyone he's met so far. So.. have fun with him in town? ACK! And please, ignore my icon fail. Happy icons of Scar? Do those even exist?]
10 August 2010 @ 03:35 pm
[So far Scar has managed to avoid the rain of monsters. Mostly.  He wanders through the woods doing what he does best, being a sneaky bastard, when out of the blue something  pink   barrels into him. His first instinct is to growl as he bats the thing away with his claws.

Once more the thing attempts to tackle him. This time a loud roar echoes through the trees, frightening off the creature for the moment. Scar can't help but feel pleased as he begins to move on.. only to stop a minute or two later by the very same pink thing trailing behind him.

A growl escapes the old lion as his wings flare up, trying to scare that thing off again... only to see it tilt its head to the side and speak.]


[Needless to say, Scar is less than pleased.]

Go away you little furball.

[And thus he continues on, ignoring the pink thing following him as  she tries to gain his attention.]

[ooc: Feel free to encounter him anywhere in the woods or where ever. If you hadn't guessed, he has a skitty following him  and is probably a little on the irritated side.]

06 August 2010 @ 02:28 am
[Scar is a little on edge right now. First the ground shakes as if a heard of elephants came rampaging across the plains, uprooting trees and dragging their tusks along the ground. Then the river begins to flood... and finally the sky has become a color it should not.

Needless to say, Scar is not appreciating this in the slightest. As the old lion wanders he follows the wake of destruction, taking him close and into what was part of the town at one time. He sticks to the shadows and observes as people run around doing... things.]

[ooc: Feel free to encounter him at any point! ]
29 July 2010 @ 02:40 pm
[Lately Scar has been doing what he does best, stay out of sight and simply observe. However, today he decides that perhaps it  would be beneficial to take a walk through the woods and perhaps drift close to the outskirts of the village.

So the old lion sticks to the underbrush, using his experience in stalking his prey to move quietly through the woods. Every once in a while he would pause and observe, emerald eyes studying whatever catches his attention before moving on.]

[ooc: Feel free to notice him or come across him in the woods or near town!]
02 July 2010 @ 03:15 pm
[A certain someone has been rather absent lately. Which was exactly what he had been trying to do. Unfortunately there is only so much wandering before one grows bored. Now, how to remedy that boredom? Perhaps a venture into the outskirts of the village. Let's see if the humans are doing anything interesting... or at the least entertaining.]

[ooc: So feel free to find him wandering around town or at the edge of the forest!]
12 June 2010 @ 06:26 pm
I could have sworn I heard them. They could never keep their traps shut.


[Scar could have sworn he heard the faint laughter of hyenas, especially that of his three lieutenants. But, further investigation of his cave and the surrounding forest yielded no results and to make matters worse, it was overcast again. This meant his favorite pass time of sun bathing wasn't possible today.


So he wandered. He needed something to do since the furball wasn't here to do his bidding. He supposed it was time to find some new lackeys. The village it is. ]

[ooc: feel free to encounter Scar on the outskirts of the village or somewhere randomly in the village~!]

[For once, Scar is actually using his journal. He peers down into the thing and sneers momentarily, displaying large sharp teeth before gaining his composure.]

Has anyone seem my nephew anywhere. He's rather hard to miss. He's a lion, much like myself with a reddish brown mane that answers to the name Simba. I haven't seen him in quite some time.  I merely wish to know his whereabouts.

[Moments later he disappears from the video and the journal is kicked shut.]

Scar grumbled as he stared down at the thing. Really he would love nothing more that to leave the annoying journal in the cave, buried somewhere under a pile of rocks. However, it was... useful. Unfortunately.

Moments later he had it clenched in his teeth, just in case someone responded to his message. It's not that he cares about the brat, he just rather misses the free meals that he didn't have to work for. Really this was very inconsiderate of the fur ball.

He wanders the forest and even  along the outskirts of the town, pausing every once in a while to try and catch a familiar scent. A scent he wasn't finding. In the slightest. So the old lion continues to wander and search. After a while he decides rest is needed and so he finds a nice shady spot at the edge of the forest to wait out the heat and cool down. It wasn't as hot as home, but it was worth a pause.

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26 May 2010 @ 01:10 am
[He did not like the recent weather. Heat he could handle. Storms, he would rather not. Overcast. Not his favorite. None of these were very agreeable to an old lion wishing to stretch out somewhere and relax. Thankfully he had shelter that helped with the first two of his annoyances.

As for the third. He felt lethargic, yet he wanted out of the cave.

So he decided to wander. Night time was always his favorite. It was quiet and there were no annoying cubs constantly asking him questions.Whether or not he was feeling social really depended on whom he might come across.]

[ooc: Feel free to encounter Scar wandering in the woods, on the edge of the village or near the lake.]
18 May 2010 @ 04:55 pm
First flaming trees and now.... carnivorous butterflies. Really, does anything...normal ever happen in this place?

[Scar bats at another one of those pesky creatures as they come near him. He had ventured near the village and had been.. swarmed. Thankfully he had speed on his side. Now he was near the lake glancing at the water and contemplating whether or not they could drown. There were still a few of those annoying things attempting to bite at him.

Really they were worse than fleas. He feels something nip at his flank and growls as he scratches at the cursed butterfly. Eventually he just gives up and lets out a loud roar, chasing off most of the wild life in the area for the moment as he sulks . At least the things aren't bothering him any more.]

[ooc: Feel free to encounter him on the edge of the village, somewhere in the forest, or at the lake >.>;]