Scar (scar_not_taka) wrote,

5 [Audio/ Action]

First flaming trees and now.... carnivorous butterflies. Really, does anything...normal ever happen in this place?

[Scar bats at another one of those pesky creatures as they come near him. He had ventured near the village and had been.. swarmed. Thankfully he had speed on his side. Now he was near the lake glancing at the water and contemplating whether or not they could drown. There were still a few of those annoying things attempting to bite at him.

Really they were worse than fleas. He feels something nip at his flank and growls as he scratches at the cursed butterfly. Eventually he just gives up and lets out a loud roar, chasing off most of the wild life in the area for the moment as he sulks . At least the things aren't bothering him any more.]

[ooc: Feel free to encounter him on the edge of the village, somewhere in the forest, or at the lake >.>;]
Tags: carnivorous butterflies, does anything normal ever happen around, not happy
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