Scar (scar_not_taka) wrote,


[So far Scar has managed to avoid the rain of monsters. Mostly.  He wanders through the woods doing what he does best, being a sneaky bastard, when out of the blue something  pink   barrels into him. His first instinct is to growl as he bats the thing away with his claws.

Once more the thing attempts to tackle him. This time a loud roar echoes through the trees, frightening off the creature for the moment. Scar can't help but feel pleased as he begins to move on.. only to stop a minute or two later by the very same pink thing trailing behind him.

A growl escapes the old lion as his wings flare up, trying to scare that thing off again... only to see it tilt its head to the side and speak.]


[Needless to say, Scar is less than pleased.]

Go away you little furball.

[And thus he continues on, ignoring the pink thing following him as  she tries to gain his attention.]

[ooc: Feel free to encounter him anywhere in the woods or where ever. If you hadn't guessed, he has a skitty following him  and is probably a little on the irritated side.]

Tags: event!, monster summons..?, scar, skitty
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