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[The early morning hours reveal a familiar black maned lion wandering into town, minus the skitty that had been following him around. The little kitten had disappeared when the monsters disappeared. Admittedly, the older Lion was sad to see her go. The little creature had been quite the cheer-up for him and had reminded him of his own daughter whom he dearly missed.

Eventually he makes his way to the fountain for a drink, humming a song to himself and just appearing to be in a very good mood, despite the rain. To anyone who knows him, this may seem to be weird. He's never in a good mood. And if  anyone takes a closer look, they may notice he's filled out more, not as thin as he had been... and there's a noticeably missing scar. He also doesn't seem to mind being wet at the moment.

After drinking his fill. he stretches out  before moving towards a dryer spot to avoid the rain, preferably indoors or on a porch somewhere to relax. Everyone he comes across is greeted  pleasantly.]

[ooc:So here's an AU! Version of Scar where he was never resentful of his brother, was actually his advisor, never plotted to kill him and took Sarafina as his mate, making Nala his daughter. This... means Scar is nice, helpful and willing to give advice. This also means that he will be confused if someone calls him Scar or refers to him as King ^^;  As for his Luceti! Memories. He'll remember being nice and helpful to everyone he's met so far. So.. have fun with him in town? ACK! And please, ignore my icon fail. Happy icons of Scar? Do those even exist?]
Tags: au! event, helpful, nice, taka not scar, wise?, wth
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