Scar (scar_not_taka) wrote,


[Last week left a horrible taste in Scar's mouth. To think... him. Adviser to his brother. Surely the Great Kings of the Past were tormenting him! Such a disgusting though.... He would rather choke on a dung beetle then do anything even remotely like that. As for everything else... a shiver ran down his spine.  Whatever happened, he knew he couldn't have been the only one affected. However, that thought did little to sooth his distaste.

In an attempt to rid himself of such loathsome memories, the old lion is attempting to hunt. Perhaps concentrating on his next meal will help rid him of those... memories.]

[ooc: Feel free to encounter Scar on the edge of town or in the forest. Just minor warning, he's a very crabby lion.]
Tags: aftermath of event, angry lion, scar
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