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13 May 2010 @ 12:54 pm

Now where did that boy go. He really needs to stop wandering off.


[Scar paced his little cave for several moments, blatantly ignoring the journal that the wind had opened. Really he had no use for such human things. Eventually he growls and flips the thing shut moments before slinking out of his hideaway and wandering into the forest.

Perhaps he can find something there to pique his interest. If not, then how about the village, if he gets that bored.]

[ooc:So.. feel free to encounter Scar in the forest or on the edge of the village. Moods may vary!]
25 April 2010 @ 12:09 pm
[Somewhere in the forest there's the sound of a very annoyed growl as Scar attempt to catch something to eat. Not the easiest task for a lion in a forest full of trees. Add in the fact that he's really not used to hunting his own food... and well, you get one annoyed Lion as a deer gets away, not after he manages to claw at its hindquarters. Surface wounds really.

He glares after the offending prey. How dare they get away!]

(((I am a King! I shouldn't be subjected to such a task as this! It's the lioness's job to do the hunting... Where is that damned boy? He would be more fit to hunt in a place like this! ))

[Of course, dear Scar is completely unaware that there's a thought bubble above his head. So, feel free to be entertained by images of Simba or various lionesses hunting and Scar eating the kill.]
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18 April 2010 @ 05:35 pm
[So after a week of wandering the forest to get used to this strange new habitat, one very annoyed Lion decides to actually head to the village. He's heard so much about these 'Human' creatures that he may as well check them out. Of course the sudden appearances of creatures aren't helping his mood any.

As he nears the village, he sticks to the tree line, observing for the most part. Eventually he believes he's seen enough and slinks out of the protection of the foliage and into town, sticking close to buildings and shadows. He follows the scent of water to a fountain and pauses in an alley before finally moving in. His stalks over to the fountain, eyes it a little  before investigating further. He has never seen a watering hole like this before. How strange.

He's still a little on edge being surrounded by so many strange new things.]

11 April 2010 @ 03:43 pm
[There's silence for a moment before there's the sound of fur rustling about. Then there's a pause and then the sound of a very angry growl. Someone is not happy in the slightest. The sound of claws racking against wood is also a good indication of this.]

Where am I. I would very much love and answer if someone would be so kind.

Current Location: Forest